About a year ago I started online dating and to tell you the truth, it kinda sucked.

I definitely knew I wanted to meet some cool guys, go on awesome dates, have some fun and potentially have a genuine, honest relationship. But I found I wasted hours and hours on swiping right, swiping left with massive judgement, I spent hours, weeks, sometimes even months messaging pointless chit-chat and then when I eventually had a few dates, which were unimaginative to say the least, the guys were OK but there was either zero chemistry or they didn’t really want to take it seriously. Or even funnier (not really funny at all) they thought it was cool to do the “ghosting” thing in their 30s or 40s!! I mean WTF?

So I started to think, surely there has got to be a better way. Surely the good guys are all hanging out together somewhere cool?

And what has happened to good old fashioned, old school dating, where you walk into a bar, you clocked eyes with someone and then started to have a bit of a chat?

As my thumb was starting to slow down on all the dating apps, I started to ask my friends what their experience was and they said exactly the same!

So here we have it…. Bondi Dating Club – its really simple.

A club – where you actually rock up to meet, chat, eat, drink and have an adventure with people all looking to date too! No ego, no bullshit, just genuine conversations, human connections and fun!

Multiple opportunities to find some chemistry.

Multiple opportunities to have some fun with your single pals too.

AND the biggest bonus with the busy lives we all lead these days – leveraging your time – BIG TIME!

So there we have it, I don’t think its rocket science, I believe sometimes we just need someone else to call it out and do something about it.

So welcome, lets bring the old school back lets have some fun!

Michelle x

PS. thanks Matt Hussey for your words of wisdom when you were here in Sydney “when everyone is running towards something, calmly walk the other way!”. DONE!

PPS. thanks to my tribe of fabulous women that encouraged me to put this out there, you know who you are – super grateful! This is going to be one hell of a ride! Bring it on!