Good vs Evil

Soooo if you’re anything like me you can’t help but getting sucked into ‘car crash’ TV, and the season finale of Ali Oetjen’s journey on The Bachelorette was no exception.

Now, Ali is no angel. She comes off the back of not one, but TWO similar reality TV shows. After supposedly sailing off into the sunset with hunky Grant all the way to America she comes skulking back to OZ with her tail between her legs amidst rumours of shagging his best friend.

Yet, you’ve gotta give a girl props for getting straight back out there. And this time she had a very specific set of criteria:

  1. You must be willing to move for me and live in Adelaide
  2. I want to be married yesterday
  3. I want to be barefoot and pregnant for the next five years (that *may* be a tad exaggerated..)

After fighting their way past 16 other hopefuls, we are down to two. There’s Todd, the guy who rocked up to first impressions dressed in a full suit of armour. Oh what a fairy tale ending for the producers that the pure-of-heart-knight-in-shining-armour Todd would be in the final two fighting for Ali’s heart. Then there is Taite. He’s handsome, he’s broody, he is labelled emotionally unavailable and not willing to commit. He is the Jafar to Ali’s Aladdin. Classic good vs evil.

But is it?

Todd is portrayed as the dreamboat catch. He is decreeing his love for Ali and telling her in the finale he will give her everything she wants. There will be no sacrifice too big. He will submit to ALL HER NEEDS. He rocks up to the finale with an engagement ring.

Taite, on the other hand, is totally up-front. Honestly telling Ali that he is not in love with her after 6 weeks of COMPETING for her affection and doesn’t think he can commit to marriage, babies and uprooting his life just yet. He wants to see how things go in the real world. What. A. Villain.

Ali chooses Taite. Social media has a field day.


The thing is, successful relationships aren’t about checklists.

It’s not about mapping out your life and finding ‘the one’ that perfectly fits the mold.

This is where society’s cues get it so very very wrong and men and women’s expectations of what a relationship looks like from both the outside and the inside get so very jaded. As women, we think we all want a Todd, but what we really need is to step out our comfort zone for the Taite’s of the world. As men, there is nothing wrong with putting yourself out there emotionally, but compromising too much and not staying true to yourself will just leave you as a nice guy finishing last.

Why not join our next dating adventure and do things a little differently. We have hooked up with the Curious Cartel crew (a match made in heaven…) to bring you The Lock In – immersive theatre with an 80s sci-fi throw back and Captain Morgan cocktails to boot.

You never know, your Taite could be waiting.

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