Reality Check

Learning about love from Reality TV is like learning about cooking from Silence of the Lambs.

But Channel 7 plans to change all that with their new dating show.

Their secret weapon? Dating guru Matthew Hussey. But more on him later.

First…the usual.

In a wonderful bit of casting, the always bubbly host Fifi Box will take the role of the always bubbly host. She’ll be guiding a bevy of unlucky-in-love beauties in their quest for true love…and hopefully a part-time modelling contract. It’ll all happen at an exotic locale like the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast or a large McMansion in Terry Hills. They’ll overuse words like “romance”, “soulmate”, and at least one girl will say “I didn’t come here to make friends”.

So how will this dating show compete with its competition?

“Farmer wants a wife” has a monopoly on doe-eyed city-slickers looking for a “real” Aussie man. A bloke who wears an Akubra un-ironically, swats away flies with one hand while he cradles a XXXX in the other, and thinks a good date is to take a young lass sheep-dipping wearing his best flannie.

“Love Island” has a monopoly on sub-100 IQs, fake tans, and more tribal tattoos than a Nickleback concert. When the last winner’s surname was literally “Crapp”, you have to wonder.

“The Bachelor” has a monopoly on…well…awesomeness. It had a monopoly on awesome. Unless you were playing the Bachelor drinking game where you had to scull a shot of tequila every time a girl said “like”. Then it was very not awesome. It was positively deadly.

And of course who could forget “Dating Naked” which had a monopoly on awkwardness, and very clever editing.

Well, like I said – Channel Seven’s “The Single Wives” has a secret weapon.

The world’s number one dating coach: Matthew Hussey (who we absolutely admire btw).


With over 183 million views on his Youtube channel he’s famous for demystifying the challenges and confusion of modern dating. He offers general advice like – look to meet someone on the street and in cafes not in bars. But his main audience is women who he encourages to be confident, set their standards high, and look first to generate a fulfilled life before venturing out into the dating world.

So, if you want to add a little bit of education into your weekly dating show guilty pleasure then “The Single Wives” might be just the ticket. And then…you can come and practice your new found skills at Bondi Dating Club. Our next adventure is on a catamaran sailing for 4 hours. No biggie.

Because Reality TV is good, but it ain’t nothing compared to Reality.

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