Your Guardian Angel/a

He was charming.

On the app.

But now in real life? No so much.

In fact, he’s less than charming…he’s making you feel deeply uncomfortable.

At first it was just a vibe. Something wasn’t quite right, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. But as the date drags on, red flags start popping up everywhere.

His laddish jokes start becoming more brash and sexist, the witty innuendo is now just vulgar and dirty, and you’re feeling weirded out by his constant habit of “accidentally” brushing your thigh.

You’re three drinks in and feeling light-headed so you head to the bathroom to get away from him and to collect your thoughts.

“Am just being silly or is this guy actually really dodgy?” you think as panic catches in your throat.

Then you see it. A poster.

After a quick read, a wave of relief washes over you as you realise you’ve found your “out”.

The poster encourages women in bars and pubs around the CBD to locate bar staff and “ask for Angela” if they feel unsafe or threatened on a date. The code word alerts trained staff to discreetly escort the person to safety. It’s a new initiative by the NSW government to combat violence and sexual assault.

Anti-social behaviour is not a new thing but dating apps seem to be exacerbating the problem;

“Given the increasing popularity of online dating apps, many people are meeting for dates at bars, clubs and pubs having never met beyond the screens of their phone or computer”

– Troy Grant (British Minister for Police)

It’s a great initiative and we here at Bondi Dating Club hope it goes a long way in cleaning up some of the darker elements of online dating.

In fact, it is one of the reasons we founded Bondi Dating Club. We wanted to create a fun and exciting, yet safe, environment in which to date and meet people. Being a curated event means people are vetted and the co-hosts are on hand to keep the vibe friendly and respectful.


So whether we’re star-gazing at Sydney Observatory, wine-tasting at Bondi’s Neighbourhood bar, or watching whales breach, lunge and tail slap whilst wandering down the Coogee Coastal Walk – you’ll be able to really relax and let your guard down because…we’ll be your dating guardian angels.

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