Swiping Left to Modern Dating


Modern Dating: the good, the bad and the ugly

Tinder was supposed to start a fire in our hearts.

Instead it became a raging dumpster fire.

Selfies with drugged tigers, unsolicited dick pics, and more “ghosting” than a haunted house at Halloween.

Other apps don’t fare much better. Whether its Bumble or POF or Happn you’re still getting some pretty trashy behaviour – superficial gym selfies, “Sup?” texts at 2am, swiping right to feed your ego but with no intention of saying hello…

As the American intellectual Will.I.Am once asked – “Where is the love?”

But – if they are so rubbish why do we use them?

Well, it feels good.

Every time we get a “match” we get validation that someone out there in the inter-web finds us attractive. And with that we get a micro-dose of dopamine and endorphins.

And…it’s easy.

You can sit on your couch or on the bus and effortlessly harvest “likes”. No more boredom, no more feeling alone and lonely, no more feeling disconnected.

I mean how much harder is it to muscle up the courage to hit someone up in public? Rejection always stings – it hurts more when its face-to-face and in real time.

But you know what else is easy and feels good?

Eating ice-cream for breakfast.

Easy. Feels good. And utterly, utterly worthless. After the sugar high finishes you’re left feeling empty. And maybe even a little guilty.

Like junk food, junk dating doesn’t satisfy our true cravings for love and connection.

You miss the satisfaction that comes from having to pursue, risk, explore and dance on the outskirt of your comfort zone.

We reckon its time to swipe left on dating apps.

But what do you do to fill the void and stay “in the game”?

How about “adventure dating”?

Small curated groups of singles meeting around an activity that’s worth getting out of the house for.

Wine tasting. Barefoot bowls. Star-gazing at Sydney Observatory, with champagne.
And, of course, a series of mini-dates in between the laughter and drinks.

By moving the dating from the centre stage to the periphery – the connections are more natural and the conversations are more organic. Its intentional, but casual.


At Bondi Dating Club we’ve run quite a few of these events already. At Vue Bar we had a stunning view over Bondi beach and amazing tapas, at Holey Moley we played a crazy game of mini-golf in between beers, at Neighbourhood Bar we enjoyed a three-course meal and a wine tasting with an internationally recognised sommelier. But more importantly we created a relaxed but purposeful space for people to connect. And connect they did!

So…if you’re ready to swipe left to dating apps –

Check out the old school mode of dating – https://bondidatingclub.com/

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